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Be Uniquely You

a) Comfortable in your own skin:

Be the person you always wanted to be. Even though someone judges you, never let them affect you. Just believe in yourself and be comfortable with your body to win any situation in life!

b) Be confident to leave a mark:

If you embark on a journey, make sure you give your best. And there lies the true spirit of a fighter. The road you take may not be full of roses. It may take you to spend days under scorching heat and roam anywhere to serve your duty. But fear not. Your courage will surely help you secure your goals.

c) Embrace who you are:

It’s impossible to be different if you refuse to accept who you are. Remember, your strengths are not just the ones that complete you. The weaknesses also define you. So, to be different and rejoice in your uniqueness, accept criticism and embrace yourself completely.

d) Find your talent and skills:

Are you the one who loves to draw tattoos and see yourself etched in them? Or, the one who enjoys embracing the season’s colours, colouring hair? If there’s something different, express it. You shouldn’t shy away from this, as your skills make you one-of-a-kind.

e) Remember to be empathetic:

Understanding other people’s emotions can help you stand out from the crowd! You can do this by trying to put yourself in someone’s shoes and try to see the world from their point of view. It’s often unique to your own way and you might be in for a surprise.

f) Don’t imitate others:

Be carefree, be free. The ones who constantly imitate often fail to innovate. Make your own rules to stand out! So, when you follow your own skincare regime, you should keep in mind that some ingredients don’t play nice with each other. That’s why when you choose Retinol, refrain from using Vitamin C, as applying them together can make your skin dry and dull.

g) Care for yourself to care about others:

We often forget to take care of ourselves while caring for our near and dear ones. In the long run, the stress affects you mentally, emotionally and physically. So, step out in the sun, make new friends, and be adventurous. Make your own mark and look after your emotional and physical wellbeing. Amidst all the noise, JOY promises to take care of your skin when you forget to!

Don’t forget your individuality. It’s the best thing about you. Keep pampering your extraordinary self because, in the long run, your identity will set you apart from others and help you become the best rendition of yourself.

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